About Us

PMG Agency focuses on  innovation and world class design & ideas. We nurture every idea as if  it  is our  own business and  take  the  client`s  success   personally.  This  approach  will  not  make   us   rich,    but    secures   our   position   as  thought  leaders,   and  effective  branded  advertising  company,   which  we  value  it  higher  than  any  other  business  goals.   We  have  worked  with  over hundreds of local and international manufacturer, distributors, and brand owners.

The most important of our services

  • Production of Real – Industrial and animated films
  • Design, Graphics
  • Brainstorming and verbal, textual and visual
  • Studio and photo studio

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How Do We work?

To ensure you get on the path to success, we:

  1. Discuss your vision and goals and how to approach it, then prototype your business objectives and targets. Wise questions always result wiser answers, we ask you what you want to achieve.

  2. we think, think and think to find the best and the most attractive big idea.

3.   we start the creative designs, graphic or motion.

4. we plan the most applicable, effective and efficient media plan.

5. we buy the media you need based on the confirmed plan and monitor implementing the plan and do all relative and needed amendments through all process every day. Marketing and advertising plan is doing, testing, editing loop not with a closed eye, but rather wisely.